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Updates from Pastor John Kilpatrick

APRIL 1 - 12:00 PM
Update on Lindell Cooley From Pastor Kilpatrick:
Lindell is making really good progress. I think this picture says it all. He looks very good but is still having a lot of pain. His surgery was extensive, lengthy, and complicated. His medical team was superb.
There is no doubt that the love, concern, and, most of all, the prayers of God's people sustained him in the most difficult season of his life. Our love goes out to Amber, his faithful and loving wife, as well as Samuel and Isaac, his handsome sons.
This will be my last update on his condition. He is well on the road to recovery. God bless each of you.

MARCH 29 - 7:30 PM
Update on Lindell Cooley's Surgery From Pastor Kilpatrick:
I have been in close contact with the family and Larry Day throughout the day. Lindell is out of surgery and is now in the cardiac ICU. Dr. Maldonado released the following statement. After reading it, you will see it was a serious surgery, but God faithfully brought Lindell through. Please continue interceding for Lindell and his family as he recovers.

From Dr.  Maldonado:
"Church family and friends,
This has been a long day. Lindell is finally done with what ended up being a technically very complex surgery which took more than twice as long as anticipated. After discussing his case with the two cardiothoracic surgeons who operated on him (and a third thoracic/lung surgeon who was called in to assist, see below), it is clear that the main goal was accomplished, and that the end result is as satisfactory as it could be.

After placing him on a machine to take over his heart function, a standard procedure in this type of surgery, they proceeded to access the heart from the right side of the chest, a preferred approach to avoid difficulties associated with having to go through tissues that have been previously operated on (the last surgery was done through an anterior approach called a sternotomy – the sternum being the breastplate – which is the typical approach for heart surgery).

However, the prior surgery was extensive enough that it had caused dense adhesions, essentially fusing the right lung to the mediastinum, the space between both lungs that contains the heart and large vessels coming in and out of the heart. Organs are typically well separated from one another, but after surgery, these planes tend to fuse together, which makes the surgeon's work much more difficult. A third surgeon was called in to help, and eventually, they were able to access the mitral valve, which was successfully repaired.

This, as I understand it, was nothing short of a major tour de force by the surgeons. The result is as good as one could have hoped for, though it took a lot more effort than anticipated to get there.  As is often the case with these lengthy surgeries, Lindell will likely remain on the breathing machine for a day or two in the cardiac ICU. This will be a critical time, and we need to pray for prompt extubation and recovery. He is in a much better place than after his first surgery in terms of prognosis and the likelihood of recovery, but not out of the woods just yet, so please pray that no complication will occur during the next hours/days and that God will watch over his recovery process. I am very confident that God will continue to protect him and that he will finally be able to feel like himself again very soon. Pray for rest and peace for Amber and the boys."

MARCH 29 - 2:15 PM
I want to ask everyone to continue to pray for Lindell while he is in the operating room. His surgery started closer to 10:00 AM, so it could be a few more hours. I will let everyone know how it went when more information becomes available.

MARCH 28 - 8:00 PM
From Pastor John Kilpatrick:
I have been in contact with Lindell. As you can read in the statement below from Dr. Maldonado, Lindell will undergo surgery tomorrow. It will be a crucial day. Please continue to intercede for him and his family. We are believing for no complications or lasting effects and for a quick recovery.

From Dr. Maldonado:  
"Church family and friends, Lindell’s surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM. It is still needed based on a repeat echocardiogram performed today, which confirmed that the leaky mitral valve needs to be replaced. The medical team has been amazing, and Lindell has become a bit of a celebrity on the cardiology ward, in typical Lindell fashion! They have been working hard at optimizing him for the surgery and were able to get rid of the extra fluid he had accumulated over the past few months, which was responsible in large part for his general feelings of fatigue and shortness of breath. I had a chance to discuss his case with both surgeons who will be operating on him tomorrow, and both are optimistic. I know them well, and they are phenomenal. It is good to know that there is a clear technical solution to the problems he’s been experiencing. Please continue to pray for Lindell, the surgeons, and their team for a successful and uneventful surgery. This is still a major deal, and he needs all the spiritual support he can get. Please pray for peace, trust, comfort, and protection tomorrow and the days to come for him, as well as for Amber, Sam, and Isaac."

MARCH 24 - 7:00 PM
Thank you so much for your prayer and concern about Lindell. I have been in constant contact with him. Dr. Maldonado has given an update to Larry Day and me.

Here is the latest update:  
“Lindell is doing well physically. We finally found out the reason for his worsening shortness of breath. Another heart valve, the mitral valve, is leaky, and blood flow is refluxing from his heart back into his lungs, which has been causing pulmonary edema and shortness of breath. This is surprisingly unrelated to his prior event. The bad news is that he needs a new heart valve and therefore, a new surgery. The good news is that the surgery should be simpler (although still a big deal) and recovery easier as well. We’ve also identified a mechanical cause for his general malaise, which has a technical solution, so this is good. He’s being tuned up for the surgery, which has been tentatively scheduled for some time next week. Redo heart surgeries are trickier, but his surgeons are phenomenal, and God will watch over him.”

Please continue to remember Lindell in your prayers. We will continue to give other updates as his condition warrants.

MARCH 23 - 6:15 PM
I want to alert Church of His Presence, all intercessors, and the Body of Christ to pray for the health of Lindell Cooley.

For some months, Lindell has been accumulating large amounts of fluid in his feet and legs. He has been on strong diuretics, which have not alleviated the problem. At his doctor’s visit today, it was determined that he has a malfunctioning valve in his heart, which they believe is causing the fluid buildup. He is being admitted to Vanderbilt Hospital tonight, where they will perform open heart surgery. The surgeons plan to evaluate and possibly replace the heart valve.

At this time, I do not know when the surgery will take place or how long the surgery is expected to last. However, we will keep you informed as events unfold. This situation is very serious, so please pray and believe God with us for a successful outcome and complete recovery.