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Background Check
Policy & Rights

Background checks will be performed for:
1. Paid workers and volunteers (including one-time volunteers) in any outreach or ministry involving minors, including but not limited to:
• Children and Nursery Ministry
• Youth Ministry
• Chaperones
• Drivers
2. Security Detail
3. Ushers

Background check results could be used to make a decision regarding volunteer status. Written permission to conduct a background check will be obtained from the applicant. Church of His Presence will not discriminate against a candidate or misuse the information provided in a background check.

The following background checks will be performed:
• Nationwide Criminal Database Search, including state and county records
• Global Watch Lists/Homeland Security Lists and Sanctioned Lists
• International & Interpol of 190+ Countries
• Nationwide Sex Offender Database and Registry Search
• Social Security Address Trace Report, including Death Index
• Unlimited County Criminal Search for all filings from at least the last seven (7) years
• Motor Vehicle Registration Check (Applicable to drivers of minors)

Background checks are performed through an agency compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Costs involved are at the expense of Church of His Presence.

Records related to background checks are kept for at least five (5) years, including written
documentation explaining decisions regarding approving or declining an applicant.

Since background checks contain private information that is legally protected, Church of His
Presence limits the viewing of specific information included in background information to the Executive Pastoral, Executive Administrators, as well as Board of Directors of Church of His Presence, when necessary.

Background checks are required before a  volunteer’s services can be utilized and are renewed every other year.

An email reminder will be sent out at the time of renewal. Paid workers and volunteers are required to update the background check information within 30 days from time of notice. Failure to comply will result in termination of the position. If a paid worker or volunteer wishes to renew their position, a renewal application must be submitted and background check completed.

Should the outcome of a background check reveal information that could cause Church of His Presence to deny a worker a position:
• A notification letter or email will be sent notifying the applicant that their background check results are under review and they might be denied a position because of its content.
• A copy of their background check, a copy of the FCRA’s, Summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, along with the contact information of the background check company, will be given to the applicant should they wish to dispute the information with the background check agency.
• CHP will wait a minimum of seven (7) days from sending the notification before denying the applicant a position.
• Should denial of position occur, a written statement documenting the decision will be sent. The applicant can continue to dispute the results of the background check with the background check agency.

As a church, we understand redemption, restoration and salvation. Therefore, consideration will be given to the lapse of time and the severity of the indiscretion discovered in background checks.

It is our policy that if someone is a registered sex offender, they will not be considered for positions involving minors.